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Hello it’s me again and I’m very sorry because I now realize that the other animals have jobs and can’t fight at the same time.Again I’m very sorry.

Good but more!

Hello I am dylan i love the game but it NEEDS more why? Well for teams I think we Make people moderator head admin and admin so plz add it I will really appreciate it thank you

Help me please

Why I can't chat and Change my camp's name help please 😥😥😥😥 And it will be the best game ever if it have a team war like clan war in clash of clans.I request to add this on next update. Please please pleeeeeeease.

Glitches are a point KILLER!

I have lost well over 100 points on a game where points are hard to come by. Considering I have dropped a significant amount of $$$ on this game, very disappointing.

No fair (but it’s still good )

Ok so here’s why I’m writing this beacause the tactics fort and hero hall and research lab I cant get them why beacause there’s only a x


It is a awesome app but it needs less ads and and they should be cats in giant giant robots

Thank u!

I guess it’s fixed! Because it’s not happening! :D

It’s good.

I like this but I wish that you could have chat or something. Because it’s really hard to recruit into your group. Also there was an add I couldn’t exit out of so I had to delete and re install it. I could be better. But I like it!


Like the game but A few items reverted Collecting gold and energy didn’t add example 60000 gold only added less than 20000... didn’t take rocket science to see it wasn’t accurate. Seeing this to be the common trend with Apple gaming... rather disgusting trend

A overall great game

I like the game!I have concepts of ginger, hank, and Bens powers whenever they get released.Hank can make water hot and make steam making defenses slower and decreasing range.I call it steam dome.Ben can make any buildings in his range to take damage over time.I call it rain storm.For gingers power he makes troops absorb water making higher water resistants (this does not heal)and water absorbed makes troops deal more damage.I call it absorb barrier.Also can u also be able to upgrade the hero hall?At level 2 unlock hank.At level 3 unlock Ben and at level 4 unlock ginger.Hope these concepts help a lot!Keep up the good work!

Name changing

I can’t even change my name

Good game

It’s a good game just a 1 problem. I cannot get a custom name for my team And a question is there more heroes?

Need new content

The game was fun at first but now that I have everything upgraded to max can’t go any further on the man other than me attacking someone else’s base there’s nothing left to do in this game which makes it no longer fun please do a major update in a new content to keep your old players from getting bored

Inappropriate ads

The ads on this are not appropriate for young children even though the game is for 4+ the ads are for 14 year old boys who want to see almost naked fairytale creatures.

The best

THE BEST WATER FIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! (The jet pack dudes are really disappointed cuz they fly like two inches off the ground that’s it)


I and my son are liking this game more and more, I like the frequent updates. My son likes the gameplay but also the idea of a Camp has inspired him to actually build one

Mehhh...... It is ok.

👌👌👌It gets boring after a while...

Different upgrades speed on different devices

It is ridiculous that on my son’s device it upgrades buildings different than my daughter’s device. Funny is they’re twins so the age is the same. Very disappointed.

I don’t like it but I’m being generous

This game Is just like Clash Of Clans but it’s made by a different team (SUPERCELL and OUTFIT7) except in this game everything is much more expensive and harder to get. I can understand if coc was an app u have to purchase and you want to make a free version for people to enjoy. Or maybe your running out of ideas and copying other games and making them for kids or as my brother says “kid friendly “.


I dislike the game because of the ads!

Too expensive stuff

Many things are expensive for ur treehouse and ur kid may use ur credit card for gems I give a star because I hate it many things are frustrating and bad it’s very hard to beat someone by sucky troops

Are there still players in this game?

I like this game because it is kind of a cute version of clash of clan, until I found out there are few players in this game since my camp rarely got attacked, and the camp I attacked were likely zombie camp. You also need to “like” watching video (ads) to become a strong player or even keep playing in this game.

This is cool they super soak

Yay for the super soakers XD seriously this game is awesome 👏🏼 it was cool to watch animals fight each other I like the ninjas but one thing WHY ARE CATS ON CATS WITH THE RUBBER SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!!¡&!$:)($;$)::)::):):):). But anyway this is the best game ‘$’

Energy problems

This game is fun and all, but I have a slight problem, energy. I don’t spend money on games, and as the game progresses, you need a lot of energy, but not as much gold. Yet, the max gold storage and production is 10, and the energy is 8. If you could fix this problem, I am sure me, and others who play the game will become much happier.


It’s fortnite, clash of clans, and water balloons and guns, mixed together! Better than any game I’ve played

Best Game Ever!

This is a really fun game. You have to play it! This game is so addicting! At first it is ok and I wished I could do multiplayer like on clash of clans. Finally, after water fighting about 5 times I. Could play multiplayer. Then the game got fun. I just kept on doing quests, building my fort, and water fighting. Then finally I got to level 10. Now I can do teams. Join my team wet team 54. BEST GAME EVER!

Great game

I was playing till night


HmmmmmmmI hope everyone has a great day but I never played this so I'm thinking it's fun so I won't give it a five star rating I am exited to play don't let me down sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I hope this is fun and I am very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyÿyyyyyyyyyytttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyttyyytyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuyyyexited to start playing

This is a good game!

People are just not nice anymore this is a kids game and the things you have to spend money on takes awhile for it to be ready so pls stop being rude people

Love this game but TOO MANY BUGS

Dear Outfit7, I love this AWSOME game and some bugs improved. But there are still some issues with the game play. When you want to finish a quest or finish building something by watching an advertisement it would start to load then glitches and kicks me out of the game. Also some odd times I play this game it would randomly kick me out of the game. Also the price of getting more Beaver workers should drop down from 500 to 10, Please do this. Add more AWSOME troops like super ninja, fast flyer, underground, double blaster, Mega blaster, etc... Another bug sometimes when I tap on a button, quest list or anything else, the game slows down and kicks me out of the game. There are more bugs out there. Please fix this, I beg you. Thank You Oh one more this YOU SHOULD ADD. Ok so let's say you tell someone else about this game and you want to battle with THAT OLNY PERSON in multiplayer. When you press the water gun button on the bottom left of the screen I wish there could be two options: Search opponents randomly or challenge battle with a certain player where you can enter a code or player name to have a game to game battle with that player at the same time. Then the person who is invited to the battle can either accept it or cancel with a in-game notification bar saying what player it was from. (NO FACEBOOK PLEASE). If you added that feature, this would be a SUPER FUN GAME SHOWDOWN so show off your friends you play with how strong you are. Add this please and fix some bugs

Tom camp

This game is so cool!! When there is a water fight I win every water fight!

Amazing but needs improvement

I played the game for 1 week and I stopped playing all other apps to play this app! But I can see some errors. Error 1 when the water gun cat runs out of WR (Water Resistance) When upgraded does not leave behind (a) water tank(s) but when running away I noticed that the cat had nothing on it’s back it just disappeared! Error 2 The rubber squad raincoat. When upgraded the raincoat has multiple sleeves when the rubber squad runs away the raincoat only has two sleeves instead of 6 (my rubber squad is Level 3.) Error 3 during the campaign the minivan is level 1 when yours is leveled up! Otherwise this game includes great graphics and is just amazing! But I would also like to include leagues to I was hoping for leagues but there are no leagues. BTW I love the game! -Dewy Camp 580

So addictive I am lake camp

I wright five stars because one my camp is humongous 2 the game is so fun 3 It is really easy to get coins and gems. In the end the game is so fun .have a nice day or night to anyone that reads this. God bless you.

God Dang ADS!!!!

Every time I click on a ad. And when the ad stops, the sound/volume of the game stops. I can play the game, but with no sound. Then when I click on a ad again the sounds on the ad starts but not the sound of the game. Plz fix this


This game is really fun, but the only problem I have is that waiting part for the buildings to finish. The only thing I get to do on this game is to wait for the building to get completed. P.s you guys should add a moat to the game


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Ok game

It’s ok game but that’s because it’s like Clash of Clans. Like the first attack is basically what happens in COC. So that’s why I rate this 2 stars.

Pretty fun

I like this game it’s like clash of clans the reason why I’m here now is because I finished that game at th9 but this is more my style good job my dud


Hello Good game good graphics and good idea but i have 2 problems First the gems i w'd say that gems is easy to get but the 2nd builder is so hard to get 2nd problem is the ads after every battle which is so bad and there is no mute button for ads


The only thing was it would not let me in on the game because the update so I clicked it and now it won’t show me where the update button is.

70% glitch outdated

Ughhh what do I do it says try again even when i try again I even redownloaded. Thank you outfit7 for fixing this

To easy but I like it

This game is sometimes a pain in the butt because whenever I take down people’s camps but whenever I do that I feel like the game is easy and Im bad for their hard work playing the game they did a lot progress but I come and destroy them but I still love its kid friendly way with water guns creators I love this game


Bad Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad🌑🌆🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🏛🌅🌅🕍🕋🏨🌅⛩


I didn’t know you could make a game about autism




This game is fun and I don’t even mind occasionally purchasing gems to speed things up to keep playing instead of waiting the time required for the beavers to upgrade stuff. HOWEVER- it would be helpful if the purchase actually worked. The money is taken for the gems but the gems don’t show up in the game! So, logically I contact the developers for help, not a refund because as per the FAQs I have to contact iTunes for that... THREE TIMES I have sent them an email and so far I have been ignored. FIX THE GLITCH!!!! I got the charges taken care of through iTunes. I just want to play the darn game but I can’t because of this ANNOYING GLITCH! I would think that a glitch affecting your money coming in would be higher on the priority list....

There's a glitch...

It only loads to 70% and I don't know what this game is about.please fix this bug.

It’s a good game, If you’re willing to wait

So I got this game and I was brought to something fairly new, It was enjoyable and not painful to wait, but I may just have patience since I’ve sat through worse, It only gets tough to those who want to upgrade fast with buying resources with gems or real cash, the skip price isn’t pretty either. However if your willing to plow through then it’s tolerable

I don’t like this game sorry it’s just my opinion.

So when started playing I was going to upgrade a tower to level 2 and it says 3 hours. You have to pay to win. I don’t like those type of games

I can't play the game

I can't play the game it get to 70 then stop can you fix that

  • send link to app