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This game is fun and I don’t even mind occasionally purchasing gems to speed things up to keep playing instead of waiting the time required for the beavers to upgrade stuff. HOWEVER- it would be helpful if the purchase actually worked. The money is taken for the gems but the gems don’t show up in the game! So, logically I contact the developers for help, not a refund because as per the FAQs I have to contact iTunes for that... THREE TIMES I have sent them an email and so far I have been ignored. FIX THE GLITCH!!!! I got the charges taken care of through iTunes. I just want to play the darn game but I can’t because of this ANNOYING GLITCH! I would think that a glitch affecting your money coming in would be higher on the priority list....

There's a glitch...

It only loads to 70% and I don't know what this game is about.please fix this bug.

It’s a good game, If you’re willing to wait

So I got this game and I was brought to something fairly new, It was enjoyable and not painful to wait, but I may just have patience since I’ve sat through worse, It only gets tough to those who want to upgrade fast with buying resources with gems or real cash, the skip price isn’t pretty either. However if your willing to plow through then it’s tolerable

I don’t like this game sorry it’s just my opinion.

So when started playing I was going to upgrade a tower to level 2 and it says 3 hours. You have to pay to win. I don’t like those type of games

I can't play the game

I can't play the game it get to 70 then stop can you fix that

Fun,but gets boring

It gets a bit boring after a while but I like it..and Tom gold run.


I downloaded this app because I thought it would be a replacement for Clash Of Clans (I’m stuck), but I was disappointed. There is a huge paywall, and it’s nothing like what I wanted. I would rate this about 3 if the paywall didn’t exist so early (about 10-20 minutes in). This isn’t what mobile games should be, mobile games should be like PC games, but with touch. Take FTL or Geometry Dash for example. They are the same game as the PC version, and the mobile ones don’t have paywalls. You don’t need paywalls to make money off your game. Just make it cost money or have REASONABLE prices on stuff. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m disappointed.

Rip off

Basically just clash of clans for kindergartens

Gets boring real quick

Game looked like it had potential. However the developers decided against the “new player package deals” that almost every other top game / developer has done. I’m all for supporting game developers with a few bucks for a special package where you get a package of gems, resources, supplies, boosts, etc. it’s common in games now where within a few Minutes of playing they offer you a decent promo package for you Being a new player and a substantial discount ... usually you see them for $1-5. However this game doesn’t offer anything. They expect one to jump right into to premium prices without the player having established any type of connection to the game. I can tell you I won’t be spending a dime on this game. They give you minuscule rewards for completing tasks but then charge an inflated amount of gems to complete a task; which wouldn’t be an issue if I was a high level, but for just starting out and playing only a few minutes ...... IT IS ABSURD!!!!! PLUS, I am not going to watch a stupid advertisement video every time you offer me the “free” ability to finish the last few minutes of an upgrade or to remove a tiny busy or flower from the ground. The games I invest my money in are games that don’t waste my time with crap like that. Games that offer you free “rushes” on everything up to a certain level, or that give you a DECENT amount of gems in the beginning. You all jumped into the concept of trying to exploit the players money without giving them something in return. Learn from the great mobile developers. Maybe play their games and see what works, but with your current strategy you will turn people off to your games quicker then you will lure them & way worse off then maintaining them as a long term client.

Amazing! 10/10

The Game Is Amazing And Is Really Fun To Play Daily! While Many Say Games Like This Are Play To Win this game makes me think other wise and I love playing so far I haven’t made any purchases and I’m still enjoying the game! The Gameplay Isn’t Too Bad And isn’t lazy like some other games that are like this! Overall I love this game and I love talking Tom aswell and I’ve been a fan of the original aswell! 10/10 Love The Game You should definitely play it!

Good game

It’s a fun game but needs more updates then it’s 100000 stars


Hello, everybody. I hope that everyone has a nice day! I just wanted to say that the game offers the ability to use in-app purchases as a CHOICE, not a have-to! This game has great graphics, great gameplay, and great everything else. I think that people are complaining over petty little things, and the whole thing that they “had to pay within 10 minutes of playing” is pretty much false, depending on the person. I’ve played for days, and haven’t spent a penny, but others might not want to be patient and wait for 10 minutes, so they use in-app purchases to solve their problems. In conclusion, the purchases are a choice, and it is crazy to look at this tiny issue on an otherwise perfect game! I love this game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Please fix the changing name it glitches when you go to change it

Good but....

The game is a good clash of clans like experience but the only thing that bothers me is the amount of crashing is crazy.Please fix a lot of the crashes.

Fun but Laggy

I was just moving a building and it was very laggy can you fix this please 😼🐶

Fun game; high paywall

If your looking burn cash, this game just may be up your alley. The paywall is like nothing I’ve seen before in a base building game. The rate at which it takes to upgrade is like stuff you see several hours into most other games of this type out there... only it’s after the first 20 minutes or so. Again, fun game, but seriously tone it down on that paywall

Copy of boom beach

You dum people copy boom beach


It’s not what you can expect out of a talking Tom game but it’s basically a copy of coc(clash of clans) the puddle is basically a trap and they just made it more kid friendly.

Game is Fun with Unfortunate Dealbreakers

Downloaded the game and started playing, and it was really fun at first. But a few hours of gameplay in and I am ready to delete the game for two reasons: 1) There is no way to pre-emptively mute the sound on ads. You can only do it once the ad has started. This means there will be no late night gameplay in bed because I don’t want to wake up other people. 2) I cannot move buildings, nor I cannot reset my game now that I’ve realized I need to place some things differently around my camp. This means I’m stuck with sprinklers that are way off to the side in back and so they are useless. This is going to be a real problem as bigger and badder opponents come calling. Very frustrating.

Cool game but one thing...

Now Outfit7 this is a great game and very addictive but could you turn it down a notch. Now people don't get mad, but don't you think the fact you take down 4 year old kids camps just so you can be on top I mean you can really hurt the kids when the structure comes down. And if 4 year olds are coming to a camp you don't want this kid to say "I'm gonna bring my water gun to take down other camps". So we don't kids to learn violence to others is food now that's I want to say. thank you for your time.

Fun enough for 10m

I checked this out because it was the #2 building combat game in the App Store. After about 10 minutes of play I hit the pay wall. Wait 3 hours to finish a build or pay 46 gems to finish it immediately. That was for a level 2 build. I started to figure the compounding wait times and potential expense to speed things along and it just didn’t make sense to continue playing. Also, the only way to receive the energy and gold you need to build is through questing or combat. However, the quest won’t allow you to continue on to level 2 without essential upgrades. Result? No gold, no energy, and an upgrade cost of 15 gems to start the necessary build and another 30 gems to complete it. This is 10 minutes into the game mind you. I would understand this after the first 2 or 3 days of play, but 10 minutes in!!!! C’mon devs. This is the exploitation of minors at its finest. You know they will be the one’s most likely to buy gems with their parents money because they want to continue watching cute little animals super soak bases. Parents be warned...your credit card will get some use if you allow your kids to play this game.

wow just wow


Meant for kids but addicting

This game is looked towards more on kids but game is awesome and unique but the and the troop animations are detailed but things are to expensive to early and the ninja should take up 1 space not 2.but overall a good game.


Tell me how to rename

This game is awesome

I love this game 99 percent it’s very addictive and amazing But the 1 percent that I don’t like is when ur trading troops and when talking Hank is making the clothes it doesn’t line up correctly with the time the trooper comes out. So could u plz fix that


I just like it :p

talking cat

yes, i love talking cat. talking cat is bae. love talking cat. i have big funnest with talking cat. thank you.

Try it

I love this game I recommend it every one who likes games like this so try please

Amazing!Just one thing...

This game has got to be my favorite!The only problem is,each hour it doesn't let me go back on the app.Please fix it.Great Game!

Excellent game

Install it it’s excellent game

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